How Raw Honey can help the body fight the common cold

There have been numerous studies, reports, and cultural, historical, and experiential evidence presented that highlight the effectiveness of natural honey in fighting the common cold. There are two main ways in which raw honey can help;  

1. Soothes the throat 

It can help by coating the upper throat reducing irritation. it coats the nerve endings reducing soreness and coughing and offers almost immediate relief. 

2. Fights the infection 

Raw honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Along with the immediate relief, it works to fight the infection and has been reported to reduce the length of symptoms by at least two days. 

Research backs this up; 

The University of Oxford states that honey was 'superior in soothing symptoms for with cold, flu and another respiratory tract infections

The CDC and other health organizations recommend using honey to fight upper respiratory tract infections. 

It is important to note that the way of taking honey is important. Many people say that drinking honey and lemon in hot water is the best way. However, you have to remember that hot boiling water will also degrade the effectiveness of honey. So, make sure the water is lukewarm or at room temperature. The general rule is if a baby can take it, then so can the honey. 


Raw Honey is not recommended for children under 1 year



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