Help the Bees

By now I am sure you have seen many documentaries, read some news articles and may have had discussions about the plight of the honeybee. There has been many speculations and studies into what is causing the disappearance of colonies throughout the world. What is not a speculation is the fact that this is actually happening and something needs to be done.

We all have real opportunity to do our part, to answer the call of the bee and come to their aid as they have come to our aid for thousands of years. As the Bee flies over our heads, stomach full of sweetness, an arm grasping a pouch of richness, does it look down and stop, think to itself 'Man is a lost cause'. No, it steadfastly flies on it's way not considering itself to stop for rest or play. It brings us Fruits, flowers, cotton and vegetables so we may Think, Breathe, Move, Eat and have balance.

We owe it to them, we must protect them, we must love them and come to their side. Channel our positive energy into servitude, work hard for our kind and when we rest after fulfilling this task, show gratefulness and move to our next duty.  

Here's what you can do! 


1. Plant 'Bee Friendly' flowers

(If you want to keep Bee's, keep them with flowers)
Plant as many 'Bee Friendly' Plants as possible. At our Bee Mercy markets we give out free 'Bee Friendly' Seedballs with every purchase. Tread lightly on the earth, give back what we take and feed to be fed.


2. Cut Back on lawn fertilizers and pesticides

(Cut the lawn, don't kill the bee)
Try an reduce the amount of lawn and garden pesticides that you use. If you have to use them do a bit of research and find out if any chemicals contained within are dangerous to the honey bee. If you are unsure then it is best to steer clear.

3. Work with local authorities to help preserve natural habitat

(Community is communication)
Many local authorities have action plans to revive and maintain natural environments for wildlife. Some might even have specific Bee Habitat plans. Go get involved!

Donate to The Bee Cause