Below is a list of links that we think are great resources to better understand the world of Honey and the honey bee. 

Benefits of Honey

A fantastic site with lots of information from Honey recipes to nutritional information. 

The Honey Traveler

A great site with lots of varied information. Information about honey from around the world. 

Buzz About Bees

Wonderful site about all things bee. All about how they function to different types of bees. 


A great way to feed the bees! 

The Importance of Bees - by Katie Kress

A great research article by Katie Kress who is currently studying for her Biology degree. 

Bee Keeping Safety

A good resource of Bee Keeping safety tips. 

Honey bee resources

A comprehensive website about many things to do with the Honey Bee. 

Help the bees with DIY Gardening

A great guide to help the UK bee population.   

Essential Bee-Friendly Garden Design Tips  

A wonderful article was written by an alternative learning student called Claire.