Wildly Crafted

Our rich diverse range of Unpasteurised Natural Honey has been specifically chosen for the wide variety of benefits, taste and quality that each honey has to offer. We select the finest honey from the different Mediterranean nectar's such as Eucalyptus, Thyme and Rosemary along with our rich and dark woodland honeys such as Chestnut. Our famous Mountain and Forest 'Landscape' honeys offer a wonderful multi-floral variety to our range.

NOT a blend of honeys from EU and Non-EU countries.

UNPASTEURISED (doesnt kill off the enzymes)

NOT Ultra-Filtered (Contains all the natural goodness) 

Traditional Husbandry in place  (NO intervention to the bees natural processes)

Our bees are left honey from their OWN stores. 

Organic healing remedies 

Contains natural Pollen, Enzymes, minerals an vitamins.

FREE from Pesticides 

NOTHING added or taken away

NOT from factory farmed bees

Bees forage on a diverse variety of blossoms and in wild natural environments.

From the Heart

From the Hive

Our honeys are not infused. Whatever our beautiful bees feed on is what they produce and what we provide. There are small amounts of other florals present within the honeys. However, we label according the most predominant floral source. All natural! 

Beauty & Abundance

All our Honey is delicately harvested by generations of small scale expert bee keepers retaining the traditional practices such as organic healing remedies for the bees. Our strict selection criteria ensures that all honey is laboratory tested to guarantee the highest quality and to adhere to regulations. We ensure our bees feed on a wide variety of blossoms and are treated in the best possible way. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Our hives are situated deep within the various natural blooms that decorate the vast countryside of Spain. From wintering grounds, thriving orchards to the breath-taking Pyrenees Mountains. All our honey is inspected and certified through analysis approved by the Animal Health Service of Spain.

The beauty and abundance of these pristine environments and the love and care for the bees is truely represented in the quality of this exquisite honey.

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