Our Story

We started Bee Mercy in 2010. It came from the necessity to provide help for a dear friend suffering from ulcerative colitis.  A friend recommended Raw Honey due to it's health giving benefits and suggested we give it a try. Back then the idea of 'Raw' when it came to honey was not well known but after a long search we managed to locate raw honey produced by small scale expert keepers in beautiful pristine countryside of Spain. Our goal was to ensure we provide the best quality, ethically harvested honey possible at a more affordable price, thus establishing the beginning of Bee Mercy. Since then, we have worked really hard as a small family and with the help of our keeper to bring the message of the bee through our honey. 


What started out for us as a call to aid turned into path of discovery and realization of the beneficial qualities of such a pure and remarkable substance. Seeing clearly the benefit from taking raw honey, we decided to provide it to other friends and family as well as people in our local community. This included the setting up of weekly stalls, participating in nationwide food festivals and branching out into the complimentary healthcare field. 


This miraculous substance has also led us to reconnect with nature once again. In turn this led to a realization of the cooperation, compassion and mercy displayed within nature towards human beings. We understand the importance of Bees in our ecology and work hard to promote awareness of this plight. Bee Mercy honey is our opportunity to make a difference, to re-connect with creation, increase our conscious and awareness of our environment, realize unity under the banner of sustenance and bring us back to our true human nature. Thanks to so much support from our friends, family and our customers, Bee Mercy is growing to meet the ever increasing demand and we continue to receive positive feedback and support from honey lovers across the nation.


Love & Peace