Inwardly & Outwardly - How honey can heal wounds.

We have, in the past, talked about understanding how the bee functions and how this understanding can offer a cure on a local and global level within human society. How their characteristics demonstrate a symbiotic connection to both their own community and other species' communities. In a sense, they demonstrate not just healing on the outward but healing within our own behaviors and characteristics that if adopted, will bare fruits on the outward and send out a positive wave. One such example is how the bee treads lightly into the earth, gives more than it takes, and when it does take, it is gentle. Just this one algorithm is enough to positively transform its environment. This is one philosophical example, but there are also literal outward examples within the sweetness that is produced. Additional healing derived from their labor is known, but not so often put into practice.  

Traditionally, natural honey has been used for thousands of years to heal superficial cuts and burns and in modern times there have been various studies that have proved this fact. 

One such study published on July 17th, 2013 in the National Library of Medicine states with its conclusion, 

'Honey has almost equal or slightly superior effects when compared with conventional treatments for acute wounds and superficial partial thickness burns' 

One reason why raw honey is so effective is its anti-bacterial properties. It essentially draws moisture away from the wound reducing the ability of bacteria to survive, as bacteria feed on moisture. This increases the ability of the wound to heal quicker and more effectively and decreases the chance of infection. 

Honey also has anti-inflammatory qualities. It downgrades the inflammatory response and suppresses the production of pro-inflammatory substances produced by cells around infections and wounds. 

Both of these aspects combined can result in a shortening of pain and aids the body to repair quicker. 

It is phenomenal how good honey is for us humans. It can re-enforce the body and heal the body, not only internally but topically. It is designed to heal and help. There is just no other substance like it.  


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