The letter of the Bee, who's ink is honey

As we slowly continue the positive transition back to nature and re-adopt the wisdom of the past, there are some aspects that we feel we have known all along, a natural, inherited intuition that has been ignored in the name of progress. It has become increasingly obvious that the relatively modern quick fixes have their place, but ultimately they cannot replace the long-term healing of natural food. In a sense, it is as though we are re-discovering some wisdom that has always been there, waiting patiently for us to arise out of our slumber. When we observe the honey bee, we see that they have not wavered at all from their living. They fly around us and above us in their dwindling numbers, observing an inherited tradition and way of living that has not changed since the conscious mind became aware. So weak, yet so powerful that even the strongest of us will quiver in its presence. Indeed these aspects are evident in all of nature, from the green kingdom to the animal kingdom. All part of this organic spaceship that is finely tuned to enable the most prosperous form of existence, our existence. We have to remember that our very bodies are made from the same materials present in the earth, albeit mixed with a sprinkle of stardust. We do have the ability to cognitively and constantly remain aware of this connection. The trees breathe out, we breathe in, we breathe out, and the trees breathe in. Honey is part of the language of this connection, and it speaks to us in the macrocosm of emotional feeling, and in the microcosm of cells. There is everyday language, and then there are higher forms of language, Honey is a higher form of language of nature. It can heal our wounds, soothe our throats, aid our sleep, optimize our digestive systems, increase our brain function, and boost our immune systems. And if that language was not clear enough, it is presented wrapped in a sweet, delightful, robust, and pleasurable chorus to the taste buds. It is the reinforcements for a seemingly invisible shield that surrounds us. Its source is a gentle blossom, that absorbs the energy of a burning star. Its labor is performed by a community of creatures that the knowledge of is like an unending stream and its example if observed well, can also be a cure. The honeybee and honey are profound words written in a letter from nature to us all. A whole chapter dedicated to the Bee, who's ink is honey.

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