What are the Enzymes found in Raw Honey?

in Raw Honey 

For thousands of years, it has been known that honey greatly helps the digestive system. In all cultures and traditions, it has been used to treat all manner of stomach issues. It is no secret that in today's world the over-processed food we eat has led to a major deficit in our enzyme banks. This has had a major effect on health and also a detrimental effect on our immune system. We will explain the function of Enzymes later, but for now, one aspect to understand is that they are heat sensitive. If any food is unnecessarily heated above 35-40 degrees, either in production or preparation it will degrade the much-needed enzymes. Interestingly, body temperature also affects enzymes. When there is a fever present and the body temperature exceeds 37 degrees, this disrupts enzyme function and in turn, affects bodily functions. If initially, the enzyme bank is low, then it can be more problematic when a fever occurs. PH level can also affect enzyme efficiency. If there is too much acidity or alkalinity, then enzyme function can be impaired. Antibiotics can also affect enzyme function, so it is very important when on a course of antibiotics to top up the enzyme level. This is why antibiotics can cause diarrhea.  
Low enzyme levels can result in fatigue, dizziness, muscle pain, indigestion, lack of mental focus, irritable moods , and lack of appetite. It is imperative for human beings to have a good level of raw foods in their diets to maintain an adequate enzyme level and in turn a healthy body and immune system. Prevention is better than cure. 

What do Enzymes do? 
Enzymes are bio-molecules called proteins. They act as a mechanism that helps accelerate biochemical reactions in the body. They are like oil in the engine. Without them, the body will not work efficiently and eventually cease up and break down. One of the most important functions of Enzymes is digestion. 

Why are Enzymes in honey? 
Enzymes in honey come from the nectar that the bees collect and also from the bees themselves. 

What Enzymes are in Raw Honey? 
Below is a table showing what Enzymes are present within honey. 

Interestingly, the stomach is now known as the 'second brain'. It is now known that it contains its own nervous system called the 'enteric nervous system'. This system can control gut behavior independently from the brain. There is increased research within behavioral science that is highlighting how anxiety and stress can be linked to gastrointestinal problems. This validates the traditional understanding that those with honey in their diet have a more moderate temperament. It is all linked to the stomach. 

Raw Honey is the perfect way of building the enzyme bank, helping promote health and general well-being. It is truly beautiful how these small insects produce such a wonderful food substance with so much benefit. There is so much insight still yet to be gained from their example and from the honey. It is not for no reason that honey has gained its prized place within human consumption for as long as humans have existed. 

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