The Honey Bee (Video)


The foundation of all things is knowledge. Even for the humble honeybee this is the case. The way the bee learns and communicates the knowledge of a food source is vital, not only for the colony or queen, but for the survival of our own species.

The honeybee is an amazing and fascinating creature. Every facet of its tiny body is finely tuned to be the ultimate foragers and pollinator. For example, when it flies it statically charges the small hairs on its body so when it lands on a plant the pollen practically jumps onto it.

This harmonious connection with nature and it's surroundings is a true lesson for us. It tells us that no matter how you are perceived, how small you might be, you have a key role in the ecology of this planet. That you might have a sting in your tail, but to use it will cost you much more. That your positive energy will attract something beneficial. That if you find something good, share it with your fellow kind.

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