Raw Honey - The perfect sweetener for the family

All of us who have a family are fully aware of the contribution sugar makes to our family's diet. With a little research, we can easily find out the negative effects of processed sugar and can avoid it as much as possible. The difficulty is replacing it with something that is equally as sweet but doesn't contain any harmful effects. Even better to find something that is wholesomely good for you at the same time. In addition, it is so difficult sometimes to ply the children away from heavily marketed sweet brands that seek out our children without feeling that we are depriving them. This is where Raw Honey steps in. Not the processed pasteurised and ultra filtered honey, but the real deal. Honey as nature intended.

One of the wonderful things about giving the family raw honey is you can, at the same time, educate the children about the importance of bees, the way they live and the ecology of the planet. 

With sweet raw honey in their diet, it can give them the necessary nutrition needed to keep their young minds focused, their bodies functioning efficiently and can give their immune system a boost. 

There are many ways you can introduce it to the family. On toast, with cereal or porridge, in sandwiches or honey fizzy drink with some carbonated water. A spoon in the morning before work or school is perfect. 

Raw Honey has been, for thousands of years, a staple part of mankind's diet. Revered, loved and cherished by many civilisations and cultures. Used for healing wounds, fighting infection, illness and for general well-being. We hope that this continues to be. It is a sweetness that all the family can enjoy and benefit from. 


Please note: Raw Honey is not suitable for children under 12 months. 



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