Why do bees have fur?

You might think the answer is ‘because it’s their stab at being cute!’. Well not exactly. Although it does make them look more approachable (pic below) it is not something we really notice as they fly buy at 15mph. All we see is a flying needle as we jolt uncontrollably to avoid confrontation!

The other answer might be ‘So they can stay warm’. Well, although that might seem logical in the winter months, bees generally only live 2-3 weeks and the hive is at its maximum capacity in the summer months when freezing to death is not an issue.

The real answer is more linked to what we don’t actually see.

It is all due to static electricity. Flowers and plants are very well grounded, not surprising since a plants very nature is grounding via their complex root systems. They are electrically connected to the ground. Unlike copper wire, which transfers charges very quickly, plants conduct electricity very slowly and tend to possess a negative charge.

Bees have a positive electrical charge because they fly in air, which is full of all kinds of tiny particles, such as dust and charged molecules. Friction from these particles causes bees to lose electrons, leaving bees positively charged.

When a bee lands on a flower they attract the pollen to their bodies and fur with an almost anti-gravitational effect. Scientist have determined that when a bee lands on a flower, this generates its own electrical field, and therefore a force. It’s as though a mini spark results when the two connect. What’s even more amazing is bees actually detect flowers based on the nature of their electric charge. Bees use their electric field as a detection sensor and navigation tool.


Isn’t that just amazing! So what can be extracted from this?

As we have mentioned many times before the bee is in total servitude to the community, its very function is designed around selflessly serving. Not only its own community but the global community at large across many species. Through this action it brings positivity by becoming positive itself. Its very actions charge it with positivity by absorbing its surroundings. And when it comes into contact with negativity an attraction occurs and the energy state of the negativity is altered.

So ‘be like the bee’. Stay positive!

(Extracts from www.aetherforce.com & www.news.discovery.com )

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