Raw Commitment...The way of the steadfast

Bee Mercy is a personal reality for those who work together to provide a service. The service of providing the seekers of well being the purest and most natural sweetness. Informative and nourishing. Within the establishment and continual success of what we do we are often presented with challenges that highlight the sometimes overwhelming odds we face. As we have mentioned many times before, the provision of honey is only part of what we do. The core of our personality is that of highlighting the plight and message of the bee and in turn highlighting our relationship and balance in this finite world.

One such challenge is the recent u-turn in the use of the dangerous pesticide (neonicotinoids) on UK crops. Although this does not have a direct effect on our honey (as it is harvested in the natural countrysides of Spain), it does however drive a sword deep into the heart of Bee Mercy. It demonstrates that decisions are made even if it is at the cost of an endangered species. Infinite growth on a finite planet. On an economics level you might understand the decision, but from a sane standpoint you would label it 'insane'. You see essentially what we are witnessing is an unbelievable insanity. With the amount of noise that is being generated about the survival of the honeybee and most importantly what they do for us humans, you would think in a sane mind it was a 'no brainer'. But unfortunately it only highlights that in fact, they essentially have 'No brains'.

How can this small, beautiful creature win?

It is in these dark moments that again, the honeybee comes to the rescue for our demoralized minds. Previously we have attempted to derive meaning from the existence and functions of the bee, take lesson and attempt to adopt their behavior into our own lives. The bee being the ultimate example of a perfect way to function. So we turn to them for inspiration and when we observe them in light of this challenge what do we find?

  • There is no wavering in their commitment.
  • Their commitment has not been affected by their environment.
  • They still tread lightly in the world
  • They still give more to world than they take.
  • They still produce one of the sweetest and health giving substances known to humans.
  • They still live for service to the community and the world at large.


How can we not be inspired by such a wonderful creature? Even in the face of adversity, they hold tight to their purpose until the last. Their focus in their whole being still remains that of the community, a common unity. Success and failure is ignored. No matter what insane decisions us humans make, they still work to remove us from our suffering. Even if we fail them time and time again and almost bring them to extinction, even if only one hive remains, they will still give.....


Bee Mercy provides you with the service of honey for those of you that choose to use it. But the mercy displayed by the bee provides for all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not.

So the next time you make yourself or your family dinner, the next time you put on your clothes or dress your children....count how many of those things are there because of the existence of the bee. The separation is only in OUR minds, it is not in the mind of the bee. 


Love & Peace

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