The Perfect Human Bee-ing

It is hard to imagine any other creature on this planet that is so small yet offers so much. There is a myriad of scientific understanding of how they function, but there isn't much that explains what we can learn from this wonderful species. How their very existence holds the key to our own species' development, not just by the fruits of their labor, but how they function, live, and exist.

Although their outward form is so vastly different from human beings, we cannot deny that they display the values inherent within each of us. Values such as community, compassion, and unity. As these values are seemingly becoming less apparent within humanity, one of the signs that we witness is the disappearance of a creature that reflects these very values at its core. Bears, wolves, tigers, and other wondrous creatures are dwindling in numbers, however, cockroaches, rats, and jellyfish are living in today's world. The jellyfish, for example, is a spineless creature, that floats around consuming.  That is to say, to help save and sustain the bee,  we need to help save and sustain our inherent values. 



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