Raw Eucalyptus Honey (500g/1kg)

A Fresh & Sweet Eucalyptus Honey 

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Overview: Our adorable Eucalyptus Raw honey is one of the most delightful additions to our range. For centuries Eucalyptus has been believed to aid chesty coughs and other bronchial complaints. Harvested from the pungent nectar of the Eucalyptus flower that is adored by the honeybee and equally loved by humans. Described as 'Simply Amazing' by many of our customers, it is a must try for any honey lovers. Slightly varying in taste, colour and texture from season to season, it is raw, natural and unpasteurized as nature intended. 

Colour: Light with a slight green hue. 

Aroma: A wet wood aroma. Very intense and persistent.  

Taste: A spicy but sweet honey with slightly biting notes and a toffee undertone. 

Harvest Season: Summer 

Floral Source: The bees have foraged predominantly on the blossoms of the Eucalyptus tree (Gum Tree). However, other floras are present due to the varied diet of the bees. Provided by a small scale artisan beekeeper. 

Geography: Harvested from the wild summer Eucalyptus forest of Extremadura and Galicia. 

Eucalyptus Honey Uses : The fresh, sweet taste of Eucalyptus honey blends perfectly into yoghurt. Delightful and warm with a crusty slice of toast and creamy farmhouse butter.  Mix with fresh lemons and Luke warm water for a soothing tonic.

Certified by the Animal Health Service, Chamber of Agriculture and the National Government of Spain.

Please note: Raw Honey can crystallize. Please don’t panic as it has not gone off. It is a natural characteristic of Raw Honey and due to the natural glucose levels that are different in each Raw Honey. For more information please read this article. https://www.beemercy.com/blogs/bee-honey-blog/18827487-crystal-clear-all-you-need-to-know-about-honey-crystallisation

Pollen Points

 *Product photo is representative of the product. Colour, texture and taste can vary from season to season (as it should)*

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