Raw Citrus Honey (500g/1kg)


A Mild & Sweet Citrus Grove Honey 

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Overview: Our sweet Citrus Grove Raw honey is a fantastic natural replacement for sugar. Especially enjoyable for children, Citrus Blossom is the more indulgent part of a healthy diet. 'Wildly Crafted' from the citrus and lemon groves that decorated the pristine countryside of Spain, it is a beautiful smooth honey with a mild floral flavour and sweet fresh taste. Slightly varying taste, colour and texture from season to season, it is raw, natural and unpasteurized as nature intended. 

Colour: Extra pfun coloured white with a yellow hue. 

Aroma: A foxy fresh, fruity and floral aroma. 

Taste: Dominantly sweet citrus taste with fresh floral undertones. 

Harvest Season: Spring 

Floral Source: The bees have foraged on the blossoms of the Mediterranean lemon (limonaro) and orange (Naranjo) orchard trees. 

Geography: Harvested from the thriving Spring orchards of Almeria and Murcia.

Citrus Honey Uses : Citrus Blossom Honey is a versatile honey that can be used in a variety of culinary applications like baking, glazes and salad dressings. It pairs well with creamy cheeses like Ricotta, goat cheese, Gruyere, Brie or Feta as well as fresh pineapple, fruit or crumpets.

Certified by the Animal Health Service, Chamber of Agriculture and the National Government of Spain.

Please note: If the honey sets (crystallizes) please don’t panic as it has not gone off. It is a natural characteristic of Raw Honey. Simply place your jar of raw honey in a glass bowl, quarter fill a pan with boiling water then place the bowl into the pan. The steam should heat the bowl, which heats the jar with out over heating it. Keep the water boiling by turning up the heat on the hob. Your honey should be runny again in 10 minutes or so (depending on size).

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