The Appraisal Of the Bee


When observing the honey bee, we can see that it carries within it the finest of qualities and characteristics. This tiny miraculous creature is a signpost pointing to good character and the result of this good character is sweetness. Its acts and actions are small but it’s influence is vast and necessary. Not only does it produce one of the most complete health giving substances known to humans, it displays the most wonderful character in it’s endeavors. When one reflects on this shining example of being, we come to the realization that there is also a cure and sweetness present within its example. The increased awareness of the plight of the honeybee has guided us to investigate further and further into it’s world and it’s intricate workings. It is rapidly becoming clear, that the honey bee is a unique reflection of good character.

Always Positive
Almost continuously we are presented with images and words of tribulations and disasters either impending, past or present. 99% bad and 1% good is the current day norm. As a result our own selves can often become 99% negative and 1% positive. This is contradicted by the trillions of cells in our body that run on a positive and negative charge, but the result is positive. When the tiny bee traverses through the world it attracts positive electrons. These electrons stick to the bee and transform it into a flying ball of positiveness. Generally, a plant has a negative charge due it being rooted into the earth. When the bee interacts with the plant it’s positive charge is transmitted and something truly miraculous happens. Through this connection the pollen from the plant literally defies gravity and attaches itself to the bee and when the nectar is taken it changes the electrical frequency of the plant. The positive result of this event is the pollination of the plant and the feeding of the young. It’s positiveness has a transformative effect and the result of this connection extends way beyond this small action.

Gives more than it takes
The honeybees influence gives life to plants, healing and health, cotton for clothes and food for all. In return it asks only for the smallest amount of nectar and pollen. Not only this, the bee is overly content with such a trade and when it finds abundance, it dances to it’s community in excitement. It’s giving vastly outway it's consuming.

Treads lightly
The flower gives the honey bee exclusive access to its most vital treasure and when bathing in the sun it exposes its most precious part. This part being gently tucked away at night and protected from the darkness and cold. When the bee arrives it is careful not to put its full weight on the plant, as though it is mindful of the treasures importance. It is careful not to break or overburden when asking of it. It is not heavy handed and considers the implications of reckless interaction.

The average desktop computer makes around 100 million computations per second and the average modern advanced computer makes around 16 billion computations per second.
However, the honeybee’s 1 cubic millimeter brain can figure out 10 trillion a second. That’s 625 times greater than the average advanced computer.

The honey bee has two stomachs, one for itself and one for the community. The small amount that it takes is always divided into two. If it happens across a rich abundance of nectar, it will refrain from taking for itself unless needed and it will save all for it’s community. It’s own consuming is carefully calculated to allow it just enough to perform its task. It has no greed, or sense of individuality. Although it is outwardly an individual bee it is constantly connected and represents the needs of the community. It sacrifices almost everything in the help of other than itself and what it does take, it does so to perform its duty. When working the fields it will do so on behalf of its specific hive and it will be recognized by its pheromone to belong to a specific hive. No matter if it’s far or close, it is connected.

No fragmented personality
Inside it’s home or outside in the world, there is no difference in it’s character. It is the same at home as it is outside. It’s tasks and responsibilities may change through age, but it’s characteristics never change. As gentle as it is with the preciousness of others, it is as equally as attentive and gentle with those in it’s own home. Therefore maintaining balance in it’s existence and always displaying the best of itself.

Trustworthy & Mastery
A bees tasks are numerous. However, when assigned with a task it performs it with the utmost precision and diligence without cutting corners or deceit. It is a trusted worker, a trusted forager and a trusted carer. It has mastered its task through maturity, and is trusted by all.

Transforms its environment
We have often said that Honey is a liquid map of the environment. The bee surveys and forages the surrounding landscape for the best it has to offer. In most cases the nectar it collects is bitter in taste but the churning within the community stomach transforms it into sweetness as though the service to the community provides the sweetness. Plants, crops and trees flourish, in turn changing the soil and increasing presence of other wildlife. It’s work has an effect on the landscape if left unaltered. Even if the odds are stacked against it, it will not waver and continues to transform.

We believe that the healing of a condition not only lies within the consuming of honey, but it is also present within the message of the bee. The language of that message is the language of love, compassion and mercy. If the small honey bee can display such qualities and produce such sweetness, it is then evident that the message of these qualities should be delivered for us to reflect upon. The gentle honeybee is under threat, just like the qualities it holds. In order to really save the bee, we must become like the bee and then we will heal ourselves and others. Even in their decline there is a mercy to us, if we just but look and see it.

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