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We recently had the opportunity to interview Annie who is the lady behind ‘theculinarybee’ on instagram. We are so fortunate to be able to collaborate with her and she has been giving us some truly wonderful recipes to showcase on our website. Don’t forget to check out her mouthwatering recipes on her Instagram page too:

So how long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking since I could learn how to walk. My parents were wonderful
educators about everything that they would do in the kitchen. My earliest memory is of my mother handing me some honey toast and explaining where honey came from!

What do you really love about cooking?

My favourite element of cooking is the social sharing aspect. Having your friends/family come around a table with some great food that

Bee Mercy Raw Honey Interviewyou have prepared. We don't have that social aspect as much anymore in our modern day lives, but food brings people together.

When did you first start going social with the pics recipes?

I went officially social last April ( 2016) , after my friends demanded me to make my recipes known to people on the web.

What is your favorite recipe?

My ultimate comfort food to make is pizza. Nothing can beat a homemade margarita pizza. The secret is always in the dough, I add honey instead of sugar, and a lot of olive oil!

So why did you choose the name 'Culinarybee'?

I chose the name The Culinary Bee, because of my absolute love of both cooking and bees. It was nearly The Culinary Honey, but I thought that definitely sounded too risque! Cooking, like bee's have always been a part of my upbringing, and I am such a supporter of the livelihood of bees. Their decline is deeply saddening.

What do you think about the bee decline?

The decline of bees is making me so sad. Even if people were to plant one pot of bee friendly plants like wild lilacs or even daisies, that would help enormously. Here is a little website that could help. For my wedding I will be raising money towards the conservation of bees.

Good job! Why do you like cooking with honey?

I have been cooking with honey truly all my life. I have always seemed to substitute it
for sugar, I prefer the taste, and I have always found sugar to be quite unnatural ( when companies bleach it etc). I love the taste of it in cooking more. It has more range than sugar ever could.

When did you first hear about Bee Mercy?

I found Bee Mercy when I was doing one of my late night shopping raids. ( I cook mostly at night, I have weird inspirational moments where I just have to cook something haha! ) I loved the range of honeys and I bought one of each! My favourite is the thyme honey. Super gorgeous flavour and amazing on raspberries.

Why do you think social collaboration is important?

I feel that social collaboration is a fantastic way of raising up one another, people tend to get turned off when companies and bloggers work together, but if there is a genuine love of said product or if that cause is right, it can definitely show new people a different brand, person who might inspire them to do or try something. I personally love talking and meeting new clients that way!

If people want to work with you what is the best way to contact you?
If people want to work with me it is always best to send me an email , or a DM explaining why I could work with you. Id never work for example for a tooth whitening brands because its not my type of food or lifestyle. I'm definitely not one of 'those' Instagram Girls!

A big THANK YOU to theculinarybee for giving up some of valuable ‘wedding planning’ to have quick chat with us. Love & Peace.



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