A balanced community - Calm within

Our mission has always been to provide raw honey to as many people as possible in order that all can enjoy the amazing tastes and health benefits it has to offer.

Thus far we have maintained a balance between sustainability as a provider and offering one of the best prices per gram for pure, natural honey. However, it is not without its challenges such as fluctuations in todays world with consumer confidence, economic changes, not to mention the current pandemic which to add, makes natural raw honey ever more valuable a substance for re-enforcing the immune system. With all this turbulence and fluctuation outside of Bee Mercy, one thing has remained stable, our service to you. 

This is our lesson we have learned from the bee. 

If we observe the hive we see that it is subject to many fluctuations and turbulence outside of itself. For example, it might be a freezing winter or a blazing hot summer, but if we look within the hive we see the bees working together to maintain a constant temperature. When it is cold, the bees huddle together and vibrate to generate heat. They rotate from the outside of the gathering (where it is colder) to the centre of the gathering (where it is warmer) in order to ensure all within the community have their share of the warmth. If it is hot outside, they beat their wings in unison to create an air conditioning flow and the bees collect water and share it amongst themselves. All of this ensures that there is a constant balance within. The result is survival and health. 

We can see that the bees work together as a community to maintain a temperature within the hive and they respond with servitude. If we look at the hive as if it was one living organism, it tells us that no matter what goes on outside they are balanced within. 

Now if we look at what is happening within todays world of pandemics and economic fluctuations, the effects on the immune system is intense due to stress, worry and concern about our futures. 'What if this, what if that?'  How will we cope? How will I protect myself and the ones I love?'. Many are living their day to day lives in a 'Fight or Flight' mode which has a massive effect on the immune system. This not only brings about a problem when keeping viruses at bay, it can also lead to many other health conditions, regardless of pandemics. We could take a vital lesson from the bee. Could we find a way  to bring calm within us, a balanced state, regardless of the turbulence outside. We could focus on helping and serving others and ensure as many as possible benefit. This is more vital for the immune systems within us and also the immune system as a community when faced with challenges. 

Just one droplet of wisdom from the life of the bee. 

We have talked in the past about how there has been a relationship between humans and the bee for thousands of years. Every culture has had a connection to the bee and has benefited from the wonderful honey they produce.

We truly believe that there is no other food that offers such a broad amount of goodness on many levels and yet tastes so beautiful and is delicately produced by a small, yet vital creature. There is literally a plethora of information on what honey contains in terms of enzymes and other microbial activity along with its antibacterial properties and other health benefits. In the modern age we can zoom into the minutest detail and see more within the honey than ever before. This seems to have given birth to the age of activity ratings and other such marketing. There was a recent study that confirmed that natural honey was just as good as synthetic antibiotics. Although, in essence a good study, it still seems we are going around in circles. Almost as long as humans have existed, we have benefited from honey, what more evidence do we need? Our human experience with honey is the evidence. All we have to do is not change it, not add anything, not take anything away and not change the way the bees produce it or interrupt their natural processes, and try not to marginalise those that are economically challenged. This is what we follow and this is our checklist. Sustainability as a provider is important, but sacrificing for service must be present. 

Love & Peace 

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