Our Top 5 'Blow your mind' Bee Facts

At this point, we truly have to ask ourselves if there is anything that does not fascinate us about the bee. We have talked for hours on end about the wonderful medicinal benefit of pure raw honey and also how wonderfully exciting it is to observe such a beautiful creature and take lessons from its existence. As research dives deeper and deeper into the short life of this exquisite provider, there is still more to learn. 

So....in time-old fashion, we have listed our Top 5 favorite amazing bee facts that will blow your mind! 


1. It would only take around one ounce of honey to provide enough fuel for a bee to fly around the earth. 

So let's say a bee travels up to 5 miles each trip to collect food. On each trip, it visits 75 flowers. That would mean that with only  1 ounce of honey bees can make 4,980 trips and visit a staggering 373,515 plants! Fuel efficiency at its best! 

2. Their sting has some benefits 

Bee stings may also ease pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo found that molecules in bee venom increase your body’s level of glucocorticoid, an anti-inflammatory hormone. BUT that does not mean you run a hug the nearest hive singing like ACE Ventura! 

3. Their brains defy time 

Researchers at Arizona State University have observed that when an aging honeybee does the work of a younger bee their brains stop aging! Their brain ages in reverse. Right.... the last one to Toys R Us has to wear a nappy!

4. They have facial recognition

That's right, THEY remember YOU! They use a process called 'configure processing' to remember characteristics such as eyebrows, lips, and ears. Challenging if you are a uni-browed botoxed elf! (Whatever you do, DO NOT GOOGLE IT!) 

5. Bees have personalities

The clever people at the University of Illinois found that some bees are thrill-seekers and others are a bit timider. A 2011 study even found that agitated honeybees can be pessimistic, showing that, to some extent, bees might have feelings. Base jumping bees...we love it! 


 There you have it. Our Top 5 mind-blowing bee facts! 


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