• Unity in Complexity - The 'Head Butt' of Community!

        In their wild untamed environment it is common for honeybees to outgrow their hive. When this happens several thousand worker bees will leave the nest with the queen to establish a new colony. Before this mass exodus takes place a few hundred of the oldest and most experienced scout bees...

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      • Why do bees have fur?

        You might think the answer is ‘because it’s their stab at being cute!’. Well not exactly. Although it does make them look more approachable (pic below) it is not something we really notice as they fly buy at 15mph. All we see is a flying needle as we jolt uncontrollably...

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      • Raw Commitment...

        Bee Mercy is a personal reality for those who work together to provide a service. The service of providing the seekers of well being the purest and most natural sweetness. Informative and nourishing. Within the establishment and continual success of what we do we are often presented with challenges that...

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      • Sweet dreams! How Raw Honey can help aid sleep.

        We used to believe that the last thing you needed to do to get a good nights sleep was take a spoon of energy food! But surprisingly Raw Honey is great to help aid sleep. Not only that, it's been known for thousands of years! Here's the science...... Pharmacists Mike...

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      • Embrace change - A Raw Honey Revolution

        From season to season, crop to crop, the taste and texture of raw honey can change, even if it is from the same floral source. This is one of the natural changes that occur with raw honey. In fact, this is one of the natural changes that used to occur...

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    • Unpasteurised & Raw 
    • Produced from pristine organic environments. 
    • 'Wildly Crafted' from unpolluted natural landscapes.
    • Free from pesticides and herbicides.   
    • Ethically harvested. 
    • Generations of expert beekeepers keeping the tradition of ecological harvesting. 
    • Traditional health methods to treat the bees. Free from antibiotics. 
    • No added sugar.
    • Traceable to source.

    Our rich diverse range of Raw Honey has been specifically chosen for the wide variety of health benefits that each honey has to offer. We ensure we select the finest Raw honey from the different Mediterranean nectar's such as Eucalyptus, Thyme and Rosemary along with the rich, dark woodland honeys from the Oak and Chestnut tree. Our famous 'Landscape' Honeys such as Mountain and Forest offer a wonderful multi-floral variety to our range.  Of course the benefits of Raw Honey are numerous, but it is nothing if we do not work with our environment and help to ensure the health and sustainability of the honeybee. To us, this is one of the most important parts of what we do. All our Raw Honey is ethically harvested by generations of small scale expert bee keepers and is free from Antibiotics and Pesticides. The hives are situated deep within the various organic spring blooms from wintering grounds to abundant rosemary fields, thriving orchards and breathtaking mountains. The beauty and abundance of these pristine environments and the love and care of the bees is really represented in the quality of this beautiful honey.   

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    "All the honey purchased is the best we ever tasted"
    "Fabulous honey and great customer service!" 

      5p from every jar sold this month goes towards the Help the Homeless Charity! 

      Free Seed Balls with every purchase from our friends at Project Maya.
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