• Think, Breathe, Move, Eat, Balance...

        'I am heavenly connected and a Mercy to Humanity. For thousands of years I have been valued for my unique taste and health benefits. An army of intelligent creatures worked day and night to produce me for your pleasure. Throughout history, I have been honoured and loved by many civilisations....

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      • Bee Anatomy

        The honey bee is a wonderful creation which nourishes us with honey and in the process helps flowers to reproduce. It is designed in a way that is both functional and exquisite. To better understand how the bee produces honey let us take a look at its anatomy. Head: The...

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      • How Raw Honey affects the Body

           Although there is only a small quantity of proteins, vitamins and minerals and other compounds in Raw honey their nutritional importance lies on how these compounds interact with the body to produce a medicinal effect.  Antimicrobial ActivityThe low water content, high sugar content and low pH level...

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      • The Composition of Raw Honey

        The main constituents of raw honey are the carbohydrates glucose and fructose which make up 95% of  raw honey’s dry weight. These sugars are the main taste-building compounds. Generally raw honey with higher fructose content is sweeter compared to honey with higher glucose content. In the process of digestion after...

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      • Onwards to Warwick!

        Bee Mercy has really been having a lesson in English History lately, from Hampton Court to Coughton Court. Coughton Court is a beautiful English Tudor country house, situated on the main road between Studley and Alcester in Warwickshire. We had the great opportunity to attend the Cheese & Pickle festival held in...

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    All our Raw Honey is unpasteurised, Raw and free from Antibiotics and Pesticides. Not a blend of honey or infused with any flavouring. Just pure & Natural.....perfect! 

    Our rich diverse range of Raw Honey has been specifically chosen for the wide variety of health benefits that each honey has to offer. We ensure we select the finest Raw honey from the different Mediterranean nectar's such as Eucalyptus, Thyme and Rosemary along with the rich, dark woodland honeys from the Oak and Chestnut tree. Our famous 'Landscape' Honeys such as Mountain and Forest offer a wonderful multi-floral variety to our range.  Of course the benefits of Raw Honey are numerous, but it is nothing if we do not work with our environment and help to ensure the health and sustainability of the honeybee. To us, this is one of the most important parts of what we do. All our Raw Honey is ethically harvested by generations of small scale expert bee keepers and is free from Antibiotics and Pesticides. The hives are situated deep within the various spring blooms from wintering grounds to abundant rosemary fields, thriving orchards and breathtaking mountains. The beauty and abundance of these pristine environments and the love and care of the bees is really represented in the quality of this beautiful honey.   


    "I am so grateful to you for bringing this incredible honey to my attention"
    (Diana, Berkshire)
    "I've been using Bee Mercy for over a year and I cannot remember being ill in that time. This is great honey" 
    (Mathew, London)

      5p from every jar sold goes towards the Friends of the Earth Bee Cause! 

      Free Seed Balls with every purchase from our friends at Project Maya.
      (click on above image to find out more)