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Sweet Dreams & Bee-auty sleep

Sleep....Everyone needs it, many don't get enough of it, some get too much of it and on a Sunday morning almost all expect to prolong it.  But would it surprise you to know that Bees also need sleep and in fact they do sleep, on a average of 5 -...

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The Appraisal Of the Bee

Introduction  When observing the honey bee, we can see that it carries within it the finest of qualities and characteristics. This tiny miraculous creature is a signpost pointing to good character and the result of this good character is sweetness. Its acts and actions are small but it’s influence is...

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The 'Essence of Preparation' - Inside a Winter Hive

    Winter...the season of cold weather, less daylight, the common cold and rain. What a wonderful time.  But one positive thing in the modern age is that in most cases, we do not have to consider food supply. We can purchase almost all the same foods in winter as...

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Introducing Bee Mercy Pollen Points Rewards - Earn points when you shop !

We are really pleased that we are able to offer you all free delivery on orders over £50 and we are equally pleased to offer a 10% discount to those of you who write an honest review after your purchase. The response to both of these savings has been really positive and...

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The Waggle Dance - BBC

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'I have only recently discovered Bee Mercy and cannot rate them highly enough! The honey is absolutely delicious and tastes like honey ought to. I am now a total convert to raw honey and have just ordered some for my mother. The products are exceptionally well packaged and swiftly dispatched. Thank you!!' - Sandra 

    Our rich diverse range of Raw Honey has been specifically chosen for the wide variety of health benefits that each honey has to offer. We ensure we select the finest Raw honey from the different Mediterranean nectar's such as Eucalyptus, Thyme and Rosemary along with the rich, dark woodland honeys from the Oak and Chestnut tree. Our famous 'Landscape' Honeys such as Mountain and Forest offer a wonderful multi-floral variety to our range.

    All our Raw Honey is ethically harvested by generations of small scale expert bee keepers and is free from Antibiotics and Pesticides. The hives are situated deep within the various natural blooms from wintering grounds to abundant rosemary fields, thriving orchards and breathtaking mountains. The beauty and abundance of these pristine environments and the love and care of the bees is really represented in the quality of this beautiful honey.   


    • Unpasteurised & Raw 

    • Produced from pristine natural environments. 

    • 'Wildly Crafted' from unpolluted natural landscapes.

    • Free from pesticides and herbicides.  

    • Bee Friendly. 

    • Not a blend of honeys 

    • Harvested by generations of expert beekeepers keeping the tradition of ecological harvesting. 

    • Traditional health methods to treat the bees. Free from antibiotics. 

    • No added sugar.

    • Traceable to source.


    Of course the benefits of Raw Honey are numerous, but it is nothing if we do not work with our environment and help to ensure the health and sustainability of the honeybee. To us, this is one of the most important parts of what we do.


      5p from every jar sold goes towards the UK Bee Cause. 


      FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £50 





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