Why is Raw Honey not suitable for children under 1 year of age?

Studies have shown that infants on a diet with Raw honey had better blood formation and a higher weight gain. Raw honey is better tolerated by young than sucrose and showed less throw up. When compared to water, honey significantly reduces crying phases in babies, a better skin colour, no digestive problems, and these infants were less likely to develope diseases.

There is a health concern regarding honey as it contains the bacteria clostridium botulinum. Since honey is a non sterilized packaged food, there is a risk of this bacteria surviving in honey however these traces of bacteria cannot produce toxins in the honey.

The issue is that in the stomach of infants younger than the age of one, the bacteria can theoretically survive and build the toxin in the stomach however children over the ages of 12 months can ingest honey without any risk. In some cases infant botulism has been reported about 1 a year and hence why we place a warning on the label that “Not suitable for children under 1yr”.