Raw Avocado Honey (500g/1kg)

A dark, fruity tree honey with with salty notes  

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Overview: Our superb Avocado honey is characterized by being very dark amber, almost black, with reddish-brown tones. It has a faint floral smell, with clearly fruity tones and a sweet taste, with light salty notes. All this makes it clearly different from other types of floral honeys, such as rosemary, thyme or lavender, with clear organoleptic differences, which is why it is the preferred honey for many consumers. Avocado Honey is known for its high content of mineral salts and is especially rich in iron. For this reason avocado honey is said to have antianemia properties. In addition, it stands out for its high diuretic and depurative capacity. Slightly varying in taste, colour and texture from season to season, it is raw, natural and unpasteurized, as nature intended.

Colour:  Dark amber, almost black, with reddish-brown tones and small colour variations from darker to lighter depending on the harvest and weather.

Aroma: It has a faint floral smell.

Taste: Fruity notes and a sweet taste, with light salty notes.

Harvest Season: Spring

Floral Source: Predominantly the avocado Tree but does contain other floral sources.  Each tree can produce up to a million flowers each year. These, striking yellow-greenish, are generally very attractive to bees

Geography:  Avocado honey is of Spanish origin and more specifically from the Malaga coast, where there are extensive areas of avocado that are harvested in spring.

Avocado Honey

Forest Honey Uses:  It is a perfect option to use in culinary recipes, as it combines very well with dishes of fresh cod, with eggplant, cheeses, ice cream, etc.  

Certified by the Animal Health Service, Chamber of Agriculture and the National Government of Spain.

Please note: Raw Honey can crystallize. Please don’t panic as it has not gone off. It is a natural characteristic of Raw Honey and due to the natural glucose levels that are different in each Raw Honey. For more information please read this article. https://www.beemercy.com/blogs/bee-honey-blog/18827487-crystal-clear-all-you-need-to-know-about-honey-crystallisation

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 *Product photo is representative of the product. Colour, texture and taste can vary from season to season (as it should)*

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